Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Al-Qaeda in Iowa? 

This is making me re-think my opposition to seatbelt laws:
Court papers say a motorist stopped along Interstate 80 earlier this month told state troopers he knew people tied to al-Qaida, and that there were terrorist plans to shoot trams and trains in San Diego.

Michael Wagner, 44, of San Diego, pleaded not guilty Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Des Moines to being a felon in possession of body armor and weapons. Officials said they found flight-training manuals, Arabic documents and night-vision goggles in the vehicle Wagner was driving....

On July 14, a state trooper stopped Wagner's sport utility vehicle near Council Bluffs after the trooper noticed Wagner was not wearing a seat belt.

And why would a fellow named Michael Wagner know about "Muslim communities in San Diego"? This is a scary story.


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