Wednesday, July 21, 2004

This is weird 

From Stratfor($):
Militants have taken two Kenyans, three Indians and an Egyptian hostage in Iraq. The group says it will behead them if their respective countries do not immediately withdraw troops from Iraq. None of the countries are part of the coalition in Iraq.

There are only three explanations for this: rank stupidity, factual errors in the reporting, or a forthcoming request for ransom. If it is ransom they are looking for, India would seem to be the only reasonable target. It has money and it is a democracy, so its government can't be totally callous. Since Egypt and Kenya have governments that revel in ignoring the interests of their own citizens, one would think demanding ransom from either of those two countries is a blood-from-a-stone undertaking.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jul 21, 04:59:00 PM:

Actually, the demand appears to be that the companies for which they work leave the country, not any troops from their home nations. Makes more sense.  

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