Sunday, June 13, 2004

Honor the heroes of Iraq 

In the past couple of days, the enemy have killed two officials of the new government of Iraq. Their names were Kamal al-Jarah, an official with the Ministry of Education in charge of contacts with the United States and the United Nations, and Bassam Salih Kubba, a deputy foreign minister. Colin Powell warned of further attempts to kill Iraqi officials, and honored the service of the fallen, saying "very brave and bold and courageous Iraqi leaders have stepped forward into positions of responsibility, and these murderers are trying to assassinate them, to undercut this new government."

Do not forget that to serve in the government of Iraq is to risk your life and your family's.

Kamal al-Jarah and Bassam Salih Kubba. They died for Iraq's future, like more than 600 American soldiers and many other Western and Iraqi civilians and soldiers. We need to honor these men, and hope there are other brave and principled Iraqis who will step forward to take their place.


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