Thursday, June 10, 2004

Endangered activities list 

Via Overlawyered, a pointer toward Common Good's "Endangered activities list," a catalogue of fun things and acts of kindness that we have lost because of the greed of the trial bar and the weakness of judges. "Rare" activities include admitting mistakes, building treehouses, and helping the victims of accidents. "Endangered" activities include playing dodgeball in gym class, comforting somebody else's child and lending your car to a friend in need. "Extinct" activities include giving a candid job reference and allowing unsupervised swimming in public lakes.

Every time a judge expands liability or fails to grant a motion to dismiss a complaint describing a novel tort or a jury indemnifies a plaintiff for his or her own error or a "victim" brings a lawsuit when he really has only himself to blame, we change the behavior of everybody in ways that erode our community and suck the fun out of life.


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