Thursday, June 10, 2004

Say it ain't so, Jacques! 

TigerHawk assumes that hypocrisy is rife in the world, so I usually do not pick at this sort of scab, even when the rest of the blogosphere -- right or left -- is playing perpetual gotcha. In this case, though, I break my silence to wonder aloud why the world's media isn't twisting its hanky over this bit of colonialism:
ABIDJAN, June 10 (AFP) - Anti-French vitriol rocked the Ivory Coast main city Abidjan again Thursday as hundreds of young government supporters clogged the entrance to the French military base in a peaceful demonstration.

The 4,000 French troops patrolling their former colony since last year have worn out their welcome, firebrand "Young Patriots" leader Charles Ble Goude said.

He and other hardline partisans of President Laurent Gbagbo have repeatedly accused France of betraying the country with its perceived support for rebels whose failed coup bid in September 2002 plunged the west African state into war.

Is there really any difference between red, white and blue, and blue, white and red?


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