Friday, June 11, 2004

School punishes students for wearing Guard uniforms at graduation 

From Zero Intelligence, this appalling story of students denied their diplomas for appearing at their high school graduation in their National Guard uniforms.
LeRoy Hunt and Josh Harmon are students with goals. They're both members of the National Guard and proud to wear the uniform of their country. Unfortunately the administration of their school wasn't quite as proud.

At their graduation last week, underneath their robes, they wore their Army uniforms. And then, as they handed their name card to be read and walked across the stage to take their diplomas, they each in their turn removed the gown and showed the uniform.

How did the crowd react?

With thunderous applause.

How did the administration react?

By withholding the diplomas. They will be assigned community service by the administration, and then maybe they will be given their diplomas and be officially certified as graduates.

Of course, the administration wasn't singling out these students for wearing Guard uniforms per se, but was enforcing its graduation dress code in the pinched, unimaginative, small-minded tradition of public monopoly schools. Why is it that we let people with such cramped spirit and undeveloped imagination teach our children? And why isn't the wearing of these uniforms fully protected under the First Amendment by virtue of this case?


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