Sunday, May 11, 2008

Surf calls 

A bit chilly at the beach in Ocean City yesterday, but that didn't stop my son and his photogenic friend from enjoying it.


By Blogger Steve M. Galbraith, at Sun May 11, 07:04:00 PM:

Every man is given one summer.

I hope your son goes nuts with his.

(Yeah, I know: within reason)  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon May 12, 12:03:00 PM:

Are they playing in the water next to a sewer pipe that empties into the ocean? Yuck. Make sure they wash up with anti-bacterial soap.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue May 13, 12:10:00 PM:

Beware or the eco-wackos will want to close all beaches to the public by finding some so called endangered speices becuase the greens are sinister and evil STAMP OUT DEEP ECOLOGY  

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