Thursday, September 07, 2006

The report from my day 

The timestamps on my last two posts are genuine. I got about four hours of sleep on Tuesday night, hopped awake at 4:30 a.m. EDT Wednesday morning, flew to Las Vegas, and divided the afternoon between learning how general practice dentists learn how to do "easy" root canals and a meeting. Wednesday evening three of us made the journey from the Bellagio, where we are blessed to stay, to the Rio, for dinner and to see the comedy and magic show of Penn and Teller. The characters at right are, from left, A Colleague, the aforementioned Teller, the TigerHawk Boss, and me. As always, click to enlarge.

Posting will continue to be sporadic and ill-informed until the weekend.


By Blogger Cardinalpark, at Thu Sep 07, 09:19:00 AM:

Oy vay.  

By Blogger sirius_sir, at Thu Sep 07, 09:33:00 AM:

sporadic and ill-informed

Now that's infringing on my territory.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Sep 07, 09:34:00 AM:

"Or, you will need a root canal" is how my dentist and periodontist motivate me to undergo procedures and behavioral changes that I would not otherwise contemplate.

I say it has worked to date. Several painful and annoying procedures, but no root canal!  

By Blogger ScurvyOaks, at Thu Sep 07, 10:54:00 AM:

Off topic, but I'd be interested in your thoughts -- even sporadic and ill-informed ones -- on Chevron's big deep-water find. If it turns out to be as big as many think it is, it may relegate Peak Oil (at least any time soon) to the same dustbin as a long line of Malthusian doom fantasies.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Sep 07, 04:57:00 PM:

At first glance I thought you had to be either the guy to the left of Penn or to the left of the guy I thought was Alec Baldwin. Physically to the left that is.  

By Blogger La Cot, at Thu Sep 07, 10:38:00 PM:

I dunno, TigerHawk, if I have the order right, then I'm afraid *you're* the Baldwinish looking one in that picture. Fortunately, you are redeemed by the fact that he played a great Jack Ryan back in the day.

Seriously, though, thanks for the recent comment, and since you asked, I'm of the great Cult--whoops, I mean great Class--of 2003. You have an outstanding blog; I am always interested to read your thoughts, and better informed for having read them.  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Fri Sep 08, 04:01:00 AM:

Well, Viatrix, I am the class of 1983, which means we are on the same reunions cycle. If you come back for your 5th remember to look me up.  

By Anonymous Las Vegas periodontics, at Thu Apr 21, 02:42:00 AM:

When do you celebrate your reunion?  

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