Sunday, February 05, 2012

Tiger picture of the day 

My cousin Tim, who writes the award-winning history blog Walking the Berkshires, visited the Bronx Zoo today. He took some pictures of the tigers and posted them on Facebook, ripe for the plucking.

Tiger in repose


By Anonymous Ignoramus, at Sun Feb 05, 01:28:00 PM:

The picture is from The Bronx Zoo, the best urban zoo in the world.

It makes a great day trip from Manhattan, easily accessible by public transit. If you walk west a few blocks from the Southern Boulevard side, there are several great Italian restaurants on and around Arthur Ave / Belmont Ave ("Dion and the Belmonts"). It's an urban neighborhood, but quite safe.

The Bronx Zoo started as an effort by rich New Yorkers to save the buffalo from extinction. They succeeded in restocking the West with herds raised on former Bronx farmland. Thus, every buffalo in the West has a Bronx grandmother.  

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