Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Wikipedia entry of the day: "Paregoric" 

How many of you know what paregoric is? I had gone my entire 50 years without ever having heard of it (other than, perhaps, in a passing reference in some old novel), until the THGF mentioned that it is a very effective symptomatic treatment for, well, vomiting. Too bad the gummint banned it. Must have been the opium.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Feb 01, 04:54:00 PM:

I remember paragoric. Nasty nasty tasting stuff. Apparently lots of mothers and kids got addicted. Used to be sold over the counter.  

By Blogger pam, at Wed Feb 01, 04:56:00 PM:

I remember hearing about it as a kid... It was used for horrid diarrhea, coughing, and vomiting. Peristaltically-related issues.... I think of it every now and again when I get bronchitis--the cough medicine with codeine has similar anti-tussive effects...  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Feb 01, 06:16:00 PM:

I bet I know which old novel, too.  

By Blogger John Cunningham, at Thu Feb 02, 01:17:00 AM:

I was born in 1945, and I remember getting it as a kid, for toothache. I remember it tasted horrible.  

By Blogger MTF, at Thu Feb 02, 11:27:00 AM:

Is it banned? How about that, I had not idea...I too hated it as a child.  

By Blogger Gedaliya, at Fri Feb 03, 03:42:00 PM:

In the 60s we used to smoke tobacco saturated with paregoric and pretended to get high.

In actuality, it didn't do a damn thing.  

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