Saturday, February 04, 2012

Congratulations, you qualify for Preferred Taxpayer Status 

Dear Valued Customer:

Exciting news! Because of your adjusted gross income and history of paying taxes, you qualify for Preferred Taxpayer® Status with the United States Government. We're sure you'll be interested in our valuable package of benefits. Preferred Taxpayers® enjoy:

Based on participation scale and public endorsement of the program, you may even qualify for Gold Preferred Taxpayer® Status, which entitles you to the following additional amazing privileges1:

These and other valuable benefits are available to you for the simple price of an additional one percent (1%) of your adjusted gross income. Just check the box on the enclosed Preferred Taxpayer® Return and send in your one percent. You're already one of the one percent, use it to become your government's partner today!

Preferred Taxpayer® Gold Preferred Taxpayer® and Fair Share® are registered trademarks of the Internal Revenue Service. All rights reserved.

1 Some taxpayers may qualify while still retaining their initial low tax amounts, based on sponsorship and endorsement contributions

P.S. WE LISTEN! Corporate Partnerships are available, but the terms are strictly confidential!


By Blogger MTF, at Sat Feb 04, 02:28:00 PM:

Is there a corporate partnership program available?  

By Blogger MTF, at Sat Feb 04, 02:55:00 PM:

Well, then, one hopes uncomfortable issues like...ummm... indictments (ahem) won't preclude participation.  

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