Monday, December 05, 2011

News you can use: Another reason not to get fat 

I'm normally not much for sharing random health news, but colon cancer killed more than a couple of my ancestors so I pay a little attention to it. Today's item: If you are too big around the middle and you get colon cancer you may be on the fat track to an untimely demise:

Two new studies that looked at the impact that body-mass index (BMI) and a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes had on survival rates after a colon cancer diagnosis found that both factors influence whether or not someone survives colorectal cancer.

Yet another reason to go easy on the donuts.


By Blogger pam, at Mon Dec 05, 02:49:00 PM:

This is my family's bane, too.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Dec 05, 04:12:00 PM:

was that from the Journal of Irreproducible Results? What is the plausible biological mechanism that ties lbs/sqft to ANY outcome?  

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