Monday, November 28, 2011

Influence Explorer 

This is a neat little tool one of my Facebook friends posted that allows you to see who is getting money from whom. You can search lawmakers, organizations, companies, and prominent individuals to see who is donating money to what cause or campaign. You can also narrow it down by Industry. For example, the Securities and Investment Industry has "donated" $46,203,172 just in the current election cycle, and currently Mitt Romney has received the most from that industry. Unsurprisingly, most of it is from Bain Capital. What IS surprising is that Bain Capital has given a lot more money to Democrats, including Obama. Take a half hour out of your day and play with it.


By Anonymous E Hines, at Mon Nov 28, 10:10:00 AM:

It has potential for the future, but Poligraft, anyway, isn't ready for prime time.

In a couple of posts on my blog, I referenced John Adams and James Madison, the Founders. Poligraft promptly gave me the data for John Adams, an Ohio state politician. The tool did correctly identify Madison, even quoting from Wikipedia. But then, with a fine-print segue, it gave me the data for a Montana state politician.

With a Daily Caller article about Colin Powell, there was a single reference to ABC, the TV network, but PG morphed that into a company called ABC Supply and gave that company's influence data.

Eric Hines  

By Blogger cruiser, at Mon Nov 28, 04:31:00 PM:

Excuse my cynicism but in following back through their funding and team, they seem to be a pretty solidly liberal bunch. Raises my bullshit detectors substantially and, neither being a lawyer nor playing one, I head right down the "not trusting them" path  

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