Thursday, November 24, 2011

Public service announcement 

Minor self interest and my deep concern for the financial well-being of my readers impel me to link to Amazon's huge page of Black Friday deals. Click though the link, and my many dependents -- pretty much, the dependents -- will get a little tip for anything you buy, whether it was on sale or not. We appreciate it!


By Anonymous Dr. Mercury, at Mon Nov 28, 01:55:00 PM:

Hey, bud -

First off, I left a quick note here a few weeks ago mentioning that I had just referenced you in a Maggie's post and was hoping you saw it. Here's what I said:


Either these people have no business behind a keyboard, or they're purposefully glossing over the obvious so they'll have something to bitch about. As the renown TigerHawk says, can you think of a third alternative?

(As a small side note, I often use Tige's great question when reading an AGW article. I think at the time, either this moron actually believes this tripe, or he's lying through his teeth for a greater purpose, most likely his wallet. Can you think of a third alternative?)

I've always thought that was your greatest contribution to the overall narrative. Few things are as convincing as asking that question and having the reader think to himself, "Well, er, uh, no..." I'm a firm believer that people can't be 'convinced' -- they have to convince themselves.

Anyways, I was drifting around the sphere o' blogs and thought I'd drop by. I'm surprised this post didn't get any comments. You should be commended for not throwing your Amazon links at people every ten minutes like a certain Instapundit writer does.


- For years, Glenn touted curly light bulbs, exclaiming their virtues and always including a handy Amazon affiliate link.

- Suddenly, about a year ago, as the tide turns, he makes an about-face and writes a long article in one of the Washington papers about what a horror they are.

- Last night he links to a recent PJ Media article on light bulbs and for about the 20th time says:

"Meanwhile, it’s still not to late to stock up! Yet."

with part of it being an Amazon affiliate link to incandescent light bulbs.

I'm not sure what word exactly fits here, but how about 'scuzzy'?

We won't even mention his pushing the Volt for years, only to have them turn into ticking fire bombs. Anyone who didn't see that one coming doesn't know beans about high-voltage electricity. A short in a regular car means you kill a cell in the battery and maybe lose the alternator. A short in a high-voltage system means you might lose your home and possibly your life. Helluva tradeoff to save a few bucks on gas.

Anyway, I'd say you could throw the Amazon link around a bit more, and especially during the Christmas season. After the incessant Insty barrage, people are getting used to it. And don't forget to mention that it'd be appreciated if they'd bookmark the site when they get there and replace their usual Amazon link with it, noting that it doesn't cost them anything.

BTW, you should see what I posted on Maggie's this morning. I am such a rabble-rouser!

Stay loose,

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