Saturday, October 15, 2011

Manufacturing factoids 

You would think that the United States no longer manufactures anything, what with all the bleating of politicians and talking heads, most of whom would not know a factory from a country music festival. The facts, however, are quite to the contrary. The United States is the largest manufacturer in the world by some margin. Click here for a ginormous fact-ridden graphic.

It is just that we no longer need very many workers to produce that giant pile of stuff. Same as on farms, where productivity soared in the middle fifty years of the 20th century. (And as on Star Trek, where "synthesizers" produce more or less anything out of energy, but that is beside the point.)

Farm workers once accounted for around 20% of the work force, now they are less than 2%. We absorbed them, eventually. But where will all the displaced factory workers go?

One gets the sense that our sclerotic system of education is not adjusting nearly quickly enough.


By Blogger buck smith, at Sat Oct 15, 07:47:00 PM:

our sclerotic system of education is the exact place where we need to displace workers. Education on the internet is free and way better than what "educators" provide.  

By Blogger W.LindsayWheeler, at Sun Oct 16, 09:01:00 AM:

Pat Buchanan in a recent article stated that 55,000 manufacturing plants closed in America during the Bush years. That was 5.5 million workers Displaced! This is the son of the Thousand Years of Light New World Order Bush Senior.

Right on target for our NWO globalist Elite.

You ask why our sclerotic system of education is not adjusting.


Every hear of that? 3/4 of any population are NOT white collar workers! 3/4 of the population is NOT doctors, scientists, computer geeks, etc!

The Elites (why you call them that I don't know) think that anybody can be a doctor, a scientist, a brainaic!

When I went to college at Berea Ky, I say one half or more DID NOT belong there! They did not have the discipline for study. Did not have a habit of reading. Did not have the freakin' smarts to be there!

Education? If you don't have the Nature for education---how is our sclerotic education going to do it. MOST people are fitted to do MANUAL labor.

You guys live in lu-lu land. Some utopian freakshow where everybody walks around in lab coats! You live in unreality! Most people want to do the minimum, rush to the bar, and drink for the rest of the day. Most people in college are there for the parties, the drinking and the girls! Nothing else. Get some stupid piece of paper on parchment and get a job sitting at a desk making 100,000 a year and be a millionaire in 5 years!

Look at the graph. See China. See that number of employed? Those are EX-American manufacturing jobs!

Why do we have 50,000,000+ Mexicans in this country? Shouldn't we be giving the low IQ, our Negroe population jobs in manufacturing? Because they do not have the apptitude for College! Hispanics are stealing jobs from our already, diverse population of Africans!

Here "Multiculturalism is thus becoming a core value, like filial piety of another age. By adhering to it, South Koreans earn respect not only from their friends and colleagues but also from themselves. This conformity seems to reflect a longstanding desire in Korean culture to comply with social norms.

South Korea has entered what may be called ‘late’ or ‘mature’ capitalism. The business community has emancipated itself from the nation state and is now willing to enrich itself at the expense of its host society, notably by outsourcing employment to lower-wage countries and by “insourcing” lower-wage labor."

From an article called South Korea abolishes itself

See any parallels? Is that not America to a tee! Yea, that's just great! Screw your host society, and import low wage earners, thus transforming your country into a Multicultural hell.

How about Ending Free Trade? Bring back Tariffs! End Multiculturalism! How about Loyalty to our country from our Elites?! Instead of Betraying us--how about defending us! How about living in REALITY! How about solving our economic mess with Manufacturing jobs for the low IQ!  

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