Friday, July 22, 2011


A few open items for your consideration this Friday afternoon...

The horror!

The national debt, visualized.

A huge bomb explodes in downtown... Oslo? Who could possibly be responsible? Thinking, thinking... And we have an answer! UPDATE: Or another.

Yes, the Rosenbergs were guilty, and, yes, Salvador Allende actually committed suicide. When liberals accuse conservatives of myth-making fantasy, they must be projecting.

They said that if I voted for McCain a rogue Department of Justice would retaliate against its own whistle-blowers, and they were right!

Ann, er, asks whether the press applies principles of respondeat superior consistently. Her point: If Rupert Murdoch is guilty, so are a lot of other media CEOs.

Why wasn't Les Moonves responsible for CBS anchor Dan Rather trying to throw the 2004 presidential election with phony National Guard documents one month before the election?

Obviously phony documents, I might add.



By Blogger Georgfelis, at Fri Jul 22, 02:54:00 PM:

Your comment on Dan Rather triggered memories of Chem-2 Lab in College. One day we got a beaker with some particular Molar concentration of chemical X that we were supposed to test, then dilute by half, and test, and repeat until we could no longer detect X. We got started, and promptly floundered as we were unable to detect any of X in our sample. Some other groups had the same problem, but there were groups who were just going to beat the band, sample, test, mark down results, dilute, repeat. After about 10 minutes, the TA stopped us, checked all of our results including the neatly spaced graphs and data of the other teams, and made an announcement that we had been playing with colored water.

Not sure, but I think/hope the other groups all went into Journalism, where you make your graphs first, and fit the data to them….  

By Blogger Assistant Village Idiot, at Fri Jul 22, 11:26:00 PM:

Georgfelis, scientists will sometimes do that as well. They just make better graphs.

Years, ago, I volunteered a few hours a week at the schizophrenia research group attached to my hospital, hoping they would offer me a job. They did, and luckily it wasn't an offer I could accept, as the whole goup moved, changed management, and were discovered fudging their data a few years later. I'd like to think I would have picked that up and been the whistleblower if I'd been there. But I'm not entirely sure. I was there a lot of days and never saw through their pretty charts.  

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