Friday, June 24, 2011

The stoogification of the Washington Post 

This is as good a round-up of the ATF's Operation "Fast and Furious" as I have seen. Among other things, it shows how the Obama Administration used the Washington Post as its (presumably) unwitting stooge.

For those of you who have not cottoned on (even the New York Times has taken notice), the ATF's Fast and Furious program amounted to state-sponsored subversion -- some would say terrorism -- at the expense of Mexico, in all likelihood to make domestic political hay. Here is a useful timeline of events, with links. Various people on the right have compared "Gunwalker" to Iran-Contra or Watergate. Maybe, maybe not. It is yet early, and there is little chance if the Washington Post does not actually mind being a stooge.


By Anonymous Old Fan, at Fri Jun 24, 11:52:00 AM:

"Fast and Furious" smells badly.

It should be investigated, and does indicate some delusional effort to push an 'anti-gun' effort.

Who knew and when did they know it.

Of course, we see remnants of Iran Contra all over the place, as the Obama Administration - Democrats do not seem to care about following the law. Their end run in enacting the "Dream Act" without Congressional approval via Legislation is stunning. So is the concerning exploitation of the EPA to enact Cap and Trade without the People's Legislation.

Team Obama is acting more an more like a little cheap Dictatorship. Their WAR in Libya is another case in breaking with US LAW. It is clearly past the due date in terms of the War Powers Act.

If a Republican acted this way, impeachment would be the theme throughout the MSM.

Democratic Partisans are in way over their head. Just as they 'dictated' Obamacare on the Nation, they are writing checks they cannot cash. A vivid display of being utterly incompetent, completely mindless, totally dishonest.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Jun 24, 12:46:00 PM:

Happily for the Obama administration, Calderon is sort of an idiot even if a well-meaning one. It may be an unfair venue in which to judge his capabilities (having only previously watched his speech to Congress), but having just watched him speak at a daughter's graduation I would guess he has no clue what damage our government has done to his country, and no desire to learn either, just as he seems shockingly unwilling to blame our drug habit for financing the hell on earth drug runners are creating there. He seems very much a standard issue liberal, albeit with an heroic family background, and in his speech he droned out only the usual platitudes.  

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