Friday, June 17, 2011

A few pictures of Florence 

The TH Son and I arrived in Florence around two this afternoon, and after dumping our bags we set out for a seven hour walkabout. We had gelato, beer, pizza, art and culture, shopping, beer, cheese, wine, and pizza in that order. Here are a few pictures along the way. Begging forgiveness for the limited annotations, but I'm tired and have to get to bed for another day of fun along the way...

Pontevecchio posing...

TigerHawk son on the Pontevecchio

Florence's "Duomo"...

Florence Duomo

Florence Duomo

High relief on that facade...

Florence Duomo

The town hall, formerly both the home of the Medici family and the capital of Italy.


Back across the Pontevecchio...

Bird bust

We spent a couple of hours doing art in the Pitti Palace, and I charmed a guard in to letting me take a few shots from one of the upper windows...

Florence from the Pitti

Florence from the Pitti

The girls of the Pitti Palace, just wanting to have fun...

Pitti Palace girls

Pontevecchio at night, on the way home, camera propped on the next bridge...


And, finally, Your Blogger enjoying every minute of it...

Your blogger in Florence

Perhaps more tomorrow, if we are both lucky.


By Blogger John Foster, at Fri Jun 17, 06:58:00 PM:

For a great view of the city, climb to the top of the Duomo. If you can.  

By Anonymous feeblemind, at Sat Jun 18, 10:26:00 AM:

Bird Dog at Maggie's Farm has also been posting pics of his trip to Italy.

In one of his posts he opines that Italian pizza leaves much to be desired and should be avoided when traveling in Italy.

As pizza has been on your menu, do you concur with that thought TH? Or is their pizza actually pretty good?

Just wondering as I have never been to Italy.  

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