Friday, June 24, 2011

The Libya war in a nutshell 

This short post says just about everything one needs to know about our war in Libya. From its justification to its execution, the whole thing just seems, well, theoretical rather than practical.


By Anonymous Old Fan, at Fri Jun 24, 11:30:00 AM:

Could not agree more...

To see Mrs. Clinton, the old 'sniper dodger', who once impugned the integrity of General Petraeus in the Senate with that "suspension of disbelief" political nonsense, push this garbage is beyond the pale.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton's "reformer" in Syria is busy slaughtering his own People, just as Iran did, just as other dangerous threats in Region have, and TEAM OBAMA does nothing.

It is an utter disaster, this foolish "smart power", and it is clear Mrs. Rodham Clinton, Mr. Barack Obama, Mr. Eric Holder, etc., have no clue - but pure Pelosi Political fraud to sell.

They thought Libya would be an easy bomb campaign, lasting a "few days" - great for their political image. Now they are stuck, telling us all sorts of lies about all their WAR efforts. Including that bombing in Libya isn't engaging in "hostilities".

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking with Iran...

Remember when Hillary tried to claim a meaningless resolution from the Senate, calling for the Libya Dictator to step down, was an authorization from the US Congress to wage war? I wouldn't doubt, that Hillary called McCain sometime ago, which is why he is working with Kerry in some desperate effort in the Senate.

The lies on Afghanistan are just as pathetic. The use of OUR FINEST as political toys is an absolute outrage. It isn't enough 'smart power' is an incompetent mess, fashioned with big bold lies, they have to endanger the BRAVEST as they go.

It is utterly disgusting.  

By Anonymous Old Fan, at Fri Jun 24, 11:44:00 AM:

PS: the political problems resulting from the Libya WAR are largely created by Team Obama. They all failed to offer a constructive dialogue with Americans and the Congress - failing to seek authorization (which they would have easily obtained only a short time ago).

This is a failure of Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Obama, etc., to play an affective political game in the first place. Case in point, the endless confused expression about "regime change" - (all based on their mindless political campaign mantra constructive of anti-Bush sophistry).

Team Obama has insulted so many on this issue, it has become a growing backlash. They only have themselves to blame. The idea they cannot motivate a public to support a mission against a Monster in Libya is telling. And if the US Congress votes to defund the Mission in Libya, it will be a huge political defeat.

The Obama Administration, with Hillary leading the way, Obama "leading from behind", will have again turned something rather small, into a complete disaster.  

By Anonymous John, at Fri Jun 24, 04:48:00 PM:

Well said ... and while they're at it, it'd be nice to understand what we're doing in Yemen and Pakistan as well. I was remarking today my amazement that there are Obama 2012 bumper stickers near me. Are folks that stupid not to realize what an unqualified disaster this administration has proven?  

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