Thursday, June 30, 2011

A resolution for your discussion 

Sitting here as I am in suburban Salt Lake City, I propose a resolution for friendly debate in the comments:

RESOLVED: If the Utah Tea Party were in fact politically powerful and if it believes what it purports to believe, it would move to privatize Utah's manifestly socialist system for the distribution of alcoholic beverages in packages.



By Anonymous jhc, at Thu Jun 30, 08:38:00 PM:

1. Isn't the Tea Party primarily about getting the Federal government down to manageable size? I've heard about some state races it wants to win but has that happened in Utah?

2. I like visiting Utah and I find their liquor laws annoying too. But I don't live there and what the Utahns do to themselves with their laws ain't nobody's bidness but their own - so long as those laws don't muck with Constitutional rights. I don't think you'll find a Constitutional right to conveniently purchase alcohol. :-)

I vote for federalism, warts and all.

3. My story about a visit to an Iowa State liquor store back in '74.  

By Blogger Roy Lofquist, at Thu Jun 30, 11:21:00 PM:

The Tea Party movement has made it abundantly clear that they have a few narrow first objectives. To include controversial principles can only distract from their main objective and give their opponents another issue to attack. It is not hypocrisy but rather real smart politics.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Jul 01, 09:48:00 AM:

It may look socialist today, but it is obviously the vestigial remains of a religious government. The Tea Party has it's hands full in Utah as it is, and distracting them with annoying social engineering is probably counterproductive, even if the law in question bothers a libertarian-leaning easterner. Utah has come a long way, as anyone here knows if they've made trips to the state over the last couple of decades, and while change always seems slow if you are the one confronted with the dumb hand of intransigent government, as here, you know well that it is happening.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Jul 01, 11:01:00 AM:

Having been stuck in the SLC airport several times, I can sympathize/empathize with you. It is impossible to get a decent Johnnie Walker Red on the rocks or anything else for that matter. Utahans are certainly entitled to whatever they want in liquor laws, but the airport should have "diplomatic immunity" from them so a harried traveler can shake off the dust of air travel.  

By Blogger TOF, at Fri Jul 01, 03:26:00 PM:

Likker is sinful. Gotta have the gummint hold onto your ration of whiskey.  

By Blogger Georgfelis, at Fri Jul 01, 06:24:00 PM:

*slap* *slap* *slap* Focus! Remember, trillions of dollars worth of Federal Debt? Out of control Washington spending?

The Tea Party movement is almost exclusively a Fiscal Conservative movement. Let's keep it that way.

(sorry about the slaps. I get a little heated up on the topic, let me pop open a nice cold tea and relax)  

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