Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Name 

Since I turned 20, I've basically been "The Student Formerly Known as Tigerhawk Teenager," and even though I barely post here anyway, I've changed my Blogger name to the handle I use for most of my online activities, Aegon01.

The name comes from a fantasy series I quite enjoy, "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin. In the series's backstory, Aegon was the first of his line, the Targaryens, and conquered/unified the continent Westeros, where most of the story takes place. It's the name I use for all of the online game communities I belong to, and it's my usual forum name.

Send me a friend request for Steam, Xbox Live, or the Playstation Network (if it ever comes back online) sometime. I'll probably be a little more active around here soon, as the summer starts in a few days.


By Blogger TigerHawk, at Wed May 11, 08:07:00 AM:

Nice! Of course, you will be working diligently on finding a job, right? :)  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed May 11, 08:23:00 AM:

Check out Brink. Start your combat training early lad.


By Blogger SR, at Wed May 11, 09:32:00 AM:

If no job, there's always taking the black on the north wall.  

By Blogger Bomber Girl, at Wed May 11, 09:03:00 PM:

Nice to hear from you Aegon01, the blogger formerly known as THT. Be prolific. and get a job. ;)  

By Anonymous Sam P, at Sat May 14, 12:30:00 AM:

You might have wanted to add that the first novel has been turned into an HBO mini-series, "A Game of Thrones".  

By Blogger Assistant Village Idiot, at Sat May 14, 05:59:00 PM:

Changing one's name often has symbolic value. And it's easier online.

So why now WOW? Just curious.  

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