Sunday, April 17, 2011

April in Princeton: The annual picture 

Long-standing readers will recognize the annual photo of the flowers on Witherspoon Street in Princeton...

April on Witherspoon


By Blogger SR, at Sun Apr 17, 07:48:00 PM:

Just like every other liberal town: streets full of gas guzzlers. Beautiful blossoms though.  

By Blogger gregor, at Mon Apr 18, 12:46:00 PM:

Witherspoon would make a nice pedestrian only area.  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Mon Apr 18, 12:55:00 PM:

@gregor - Quite possibly, but since it would channel a ton of traffic down *my* street the official TigerHawk position is "opposed."  

By Blogger Kathy K, at Mon Apr 18, 06:59:00 PM:

Lovely but... (excuse me)... ACHOOO.

Sorry, but those make me sneeze. Lived when I was a kid in a town where there were streets with trees like that. My parents loved taking their visitors on tours. And I got to go along. (ACHOOO).

I suspect they thought I was doing it deliberately. But no. I revisited the area once (had to get where I was going and that was the fastest way) without parents' ever-so-boring guests.


Pretty, but...no thank you. I'll drive around.  

By Anonymous Bird of Paradise, at Mon Apr 25, 02:56:00 AM:

And no wacko earthday celebrations to mar the beuty of the moment  

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