Sunday, January 16, 2011

Don't lighten up 

Elle Magazine has some serious pigmentation issues. Egads.

One need not be politically correct to raise an eyebrow at the "lightening" of images of non-Caucasians for aesthetic reasons. Yeah, some might say it is the same as Photoshopping a tan on a Swede, but I wonder whether the motives are the quite the same.

CWCID: The Emirates Economist.


By Blogger Mike Landfair, at Sun Jan 16, 03:48:00 PM:

I don't like either example of "lightening." Both women should be shown as they are...beautiful!  

By Blogger Dawnfire82, at Sun Jan 16, 04:10:00 PM:

Manufactured controversy. This is a stupid thing to get agitated about.  

By Blogger JPMcT, at Sun Jan 16, 06:20:00 PM:

Tempest in a teapot. She's not Al Jolsen, for God's sake!  

By Blogger Bomber Girl, at Sun Jan 16, 07:05:00 PM:

I don't believe I have ever agreed with BOTH Dawnfire and JPMct in one go. But there it is.  

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