Friday, January 14, 2011

Because I know you care... 

The Borough of Princeton finally issued the amendment to my already-issued building permit after about six weeks, wasted time during which I have been living without a kitchen and, recently, a bedroom. For this outstanding service -- one wonders how long it will take if the economy actually heats up -- I paid a "building permit fee" of $2,127, and a mandatory "affordable housing fee" of $416.

Of course, the "affordable housing fee" makes housing less affordable. Either the people who name such things are idiots, or they think we are fools. One struggles for a third explanation.

And, no, it is not the builder's fault.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Jan 14, 10:33:00 AM:

Quality, responsive government workers. That's why government salaries are so high, needed to attract the best and brightest.We will love Obamacare even though it will take a number of years for the best and brightest doctors to appear in the system. Barf.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Jan 14, 11:25:00 AM:


Maybe next time you need an amended building permit you walk in with a dozen doughnuts and a "Box o' Joe" from Dunkin Donuts.

It worked for me in my dealings with a smallish Bergen County town's building department.


DTG in NNJ  

By Blogger Dawnfire82, at Fri Jan 14, 12:42:00 PM:

Or move.  

By Anonymous B.McD., at Fri Jan 14, 01:19:00 PM:

Tigerhawk may already know this, but, if I'm reading the report in the second link below correctly (see p. 31), your Borough Administrator gets paid handsomely to insure that the Borough runs smoothly.



By Blogger Assistant Village Idiot, at Fri Jan 14, 08:13:00 PM:

Third explanation: your fellow townsmen get to feel warm and fuzzy because you are "giving back to the community."  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Jan 14, 11:57:00 PM:

I'm guessing that the "affordable housing fee" is a euphemism for welfare. Someone else gets the affordable housing, thanks to the contribution of generous souls such as yourself. So, cheer up; you can rest comfortable in the knowledge that the crack dealer in the section 8 housing across town, or down the street, was made possible due to your home improvement.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Jan 15, 10:44:00 AM:

My God, those "fees" are extortionate! For our $500K house at the river (small, rural Northumberland County, VA) we paid a flat $50 building permit which included four inspections that were were generally not adverse and actually somewhat helpful. I feel sad for you guys in Jersey, despite having Governor awesome.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Jan 15, 12:27:00 PM:

The "Affordable Housing Fee" is a Borough fee (common to all affluent towns in the state) that generates funds used by the town to subsidize housing. The fee results from a state judiciary ruling mandating that all towns provide such subsidized housing if the cost of housing in the town rises above a level the court deems too expensive for lower income residents. Developers love the fee, because it provides a gauranteed source of funding and a means of forcing town zoning boards to approve projects they otherwise would contest.

Welcome to NJ, the home of corrupt rent seeking as high art.  

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