Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wikileaks: Other precincts heard from 

Right on schedule...


By Anonymous OLD FAN, at Tue Nov 30, 12:22:00 PM:

Thanks for the link...

These Leaks are the biggest story since the MIDTERMS, perhaps one of the bigger stories in recent memory.

"WikiLeaks, Hillary Clinton, and the Smoking Gun - The leaked cables make it impossible for Hillary Clinton to continue as secretary of state."

Strangely, many on the good side are passing on the Clinton incompetence angle. I wonder if some are still stuck on fears over the past Impeachment issues, worried about appearing too Partisan. Perhaps they simply don't want to appear too tough on Hillary Rodham Clinton. But they are missing the big picture - this is simply too huge to ignore.

If one studies the details, this is a fiasco, and it hardly is to be all blamed on the Leaker. The PR issue alone, is beyond TITANIC proportions, and cannot be ignored.

As expected, we have further confirmation, Mrs. Clinton is running a terribly misguided State Department. It is the substance which is so concerning - Hillary Rodham was focused on the treating the Globe, rather like Janet Napolitano treats little American Children in Airports. Instead of focusing on the real threats, Mrs. Clinton was giving "ORDERS" which are simply overtly invasive with Our Allies, instead of the enemies. For example, the WIKI dump reveals Mrs. Clinton’s STATE Department was obsessed with Israel building on it’s own soil, while they failed to focus on the real priority – the reality the entire Middle East was concerned with stopping Iran from gaining NUKES. That is a HUGE problem. This is a basis issue, not to be confused with those wanting to gloss over with ‘generics’ of supposedly “they all do it”.

Drudge is proving to be one of the sharpest. It is truly damning for the Obama-Clinton State Department. It is not going away, and one wonders if Obama has the guts to seek Hillary's removal - or if this was not the point from the get go.

Hillary should NEVER have had her fingerprints on this garbage, and it reveals another disaster. Far from ’smart power’.

Certainly, if North Korea was turning towards Democracy and Peace, with Iran capitulating to the FREE WORLD, many could afford to look past this. But the Globe is burning out of control, and the Clinton State Department has made all matters far worse.

Hillary Clinton should take the wrap for the folly - and Conservative Pundits should not be shy about it. The damage to the USA is enormous, and one cannot blame WIKI alone.  

By Anonymous OLD FAN, at Tue Nov 30, 12:54:00 PM:

I am seeing this in a few versions, in a few places:

"The USA should 'RESET' the State Department"  

By Anonymous OLD FAN, at Tue Nov 30, 01:25:00 PM:

PSS: On a related note, someone should get a hold of Ms. O'Donnell - for this is truly embarrassing.

“O’Donnell does like Hillary and took to her Twitter account to praise her handling of the WikiLeaks document dump. “You go girl,” O’Donnell tweeted.”

Mrs. O’Donnell is on track to be exploited by Democrats for a long time, and she seems eager to play the game. This is truly misguided.

Thinking Hillary handled this fiasco well?

Oh my…

Does Ms. O’Donnell really think she can play the Democrats for a future career?

This mimics some of the folly of the good side, which still mistakenly see the Clintons as more moderate than the likes of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etc.

Does Mrs. O'Donnell realize Hillary Clinton once tried to Nationalize US Health Care? Or hugged Nancy when Obamacare passed?  

By Anonymous Ignoramus, at Tue Nov 30, 01:39:00 PM:

Re: the Wikileaks reveals

No great surprise that several nations want the USA to "cut off the head" of the Iranian snake, despite what that they may say in public.

No great surprise when Ahmadinejad today responds that Wikileaks is just a well-orchestrated CIA plot.

But what's surprising -- at least to me -- is the reveal that the Saudis never wanted Bush 43 to invade Iraq. Back in 2003 I had in fact thought that they wanted us to take out Saddam. Why else did the Crown Prince spend weeks at Bush's Texas Dude Ranch in the run-up to the Iraq invasion. After all ... more than most of us, the Saudis knew that Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11 ... more than most of us, the Saudis were quite aware of who was in fact responsible.

But would Bush 43 defy the Saudis -- as well as the better judgment of Bush 41 and Bush 41's advisers? If you rely on a Wiki-leaked 2005 cable ... that's exactly what Bush 43 did:

"In December 2005, the Saudi king expressed his anger that the Bush administration had ignored his advice against going to war. According to a cable from the American Embassy in Riyadh, the king argued “that whereas in the past the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Saddam Hussein had agreed on the need to contain Iran, U.S. policy had now given Iraq to Iran as a gift on a golden platter.'"

Could this have something to do with Arab v Persia, Sunni v Shiite?

On a prior thread we discussed Bush 43's recent denial that our invading Iraq had "emboldened" Iran. The chatter in the leaked cables is completely at odds with such a claim.

It's not just the USA that's dealing with the Iranian fallout from our having invaded Iraq.  

By Anonymous OLD FAN, at Tue Nov 30, 03:26:00 PM:


Iran has been feeling the heat ever since the USA led the World to liberate Iraq. To have a US ALLY now, sitting next to Iran, further isolating Iran has been a primary reason Iran has stepped up it's aggressive - desperate behavior.

Better judgment?

You mean after both Parties Passed the Iraqi Liberation ACT of 1988? Which clearly defined Saddam as a threat to the World, the Region, his own People?

You do realize that cable from Dec. 2005, is from long after the removal of the initial US led invasion, and the Crown Princes expression was probably decidedly different prior to 2003. That is when in 2005, fashionistas foolishly began to debase the admirable Mission of Liberation.

Your reference to the "Dude Ranch" is a typical stereotype offered by a Partisan.

Are Democrats still desperately looking to try to create any fantasy to debase the successful liberation of the Iraqi People?

They ignore all the ugly sophistry of the Obama TEAM exposed in the WIKI Dump? To try to go after the Bush Administration's successful removal of a Butcher who buried his own People, and rewarded PLO Suicide Bombers with 25grand killing?

Today, the USA is no longer stationed in SA, which is a vast improvement. Also, the "fallout" from the Iraq Liberty is so positive today, changing a monstrous situation to some positive potential for the future.

Too bad we still have North Korea to deal with, and one would imagine today, the Obama Administration sincerely wishes the Bush Team had led the World to remove that monstrous Dictatorship as well - instead of going with Multilateral talks.

But we can see the focus of the Democratic Partisans is still way off the mark. Just the other day, we encountered an insane AD offering nutty conspiracy theories about WTC Building Number 7. In Oregon, the lives of these Democratic Partisans were saved - despite their ugly blind Partisan obsession. These are fools who just returned Nancy Pelosi to the Speaker position. It is no wonder they would further try to obsess about today's FREE IRAQ.  

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