Sunday, November 28, 2010

Environmentalism I can get behind 

This seems like an outstanding idea.

When Scotch whisky is distilled, it leaves behind two main waste products — a liquid called pot ale and draff, the remains of the grains used in the distilling method. These two waste products are being used by researchers at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland to create a new biofuel.

According to the Guardian, the Scottish have a £4 billion ($6.2 billion) a year whisky habit, and that habit leaves “copious quantities” of both pot ale and draff that in the past has gone unused. This biofuel can be used in regular cars — meaning there’s no need to adapt the engine as there is with some other biofuels. Researchers also say it's possible the biofuel could be used to fuel planes.

Faster, please.


By Blogger joated, at Sun Nov 28, 02:03:00 PM:

So. When they perfect this, will my drinking more scotch be considered a "green" activity? If so, where do I sign up?  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Nov 28, 03:05:00 PM:

biobutanol...it's been around a while, but has not got the attention of, or money from, the big wigs in congress and the "green" community...yet. the techonology is secnd generation, and still in the small scale proving stages. but it promises to be a real game changer...IF...it proves out.  

By Anonymous Billy Bob Corncob, at Sun Nov 28, 03:30:00 PM:

I'll drink to that.  

By Anonymous Old Fan, at Sun Nov 28, 04:54:00 PM:


GREAT news. That is the problem with the Democratic Partisan addiction which is lost in seeing humanity in such a negative light.

They forget they are human beings too. They forget how humans are so intelligent to adapt, grow, learn, etc. - especially when they embrace freedom and the free markets. They often seem to romanticize the past, they forget about how tough life was before such incredible progress, and the reality the only way forward is through the future, not a return to the past.

Anyhow, on another note...

That WIKI DUMP, has revealed some stunning things.

HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON, who once illegally obtained FBI files of political opponents as First Lady in the 1990's - is back at it - ordering the spying of Diplomats?

"US diplomats are alleged to have been requested by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to spy on the diplomats of other countries at the United Nations. That was the purpose of the "National Humint Collection Directive," which has been seen by SPIEGEL. The document was signed by Clinton and came into force on July 31, 2009."

Remember when Democratic Partisans LIED about the Bush Administration, saying they undermined the USA's standing in the World?

Well that is just what Hillary Clinton, Team Obama, and the Democratic Party is doing.

Spying on Diplomats?

Hillary Clinton's first trip to China was to announce that the Obama Administration was NOT going to focus on Human Rights. Her trip to Mexico embarrassed all, showing she had no clue about one of the World's most famous Religious Icon. Hillary embarrassed all with 'reset' sophistry with Russia. Mrs. Clinton lost her cool with a young man in Africa, offering disturbing hostility when her husband was mentioned. Hillary Rodham was even caught pushing disastrous 'populist' class warfare, as well as bragging about the Obama Administration's challenge to the Arizona Immigration Law on foreign soil.

The Clinton State Department once bragged about 'smart power', even boasted about how easily North Korea could be dealt with, only to produce endless failure.

The Obama - Clinton folly is a joke, a source of laughter, as Russia, Iran, Syria, Hamas, the Taliban, China, North Korea, etc., all are taking advantage of the weakness.

Typical Democratic Partisan flop, the same as the Carter Malaise and the Clinton Malfeasance.  

By Anonymous Robert Arvanitis, at Sun Nov 28, 05:25:00 PM:

The new Alpina requires Laphroaig  

By Blogger Gary Rosen, at Sun Nov 28, 10:36:00 PM:

Will there be two pumps- "Regular" and "Cask Strength"?  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Nov 29, 09:40:00 AM:

Don't they now use those waste product as animal feed?  

By Blogger sykes.1, at Mon Nov 29, 10:04:00 AM:

Yes. For as long as anyone can remember, the spent grains and liquids have been used as animal (mostly cows, pigs) feed supplements. The carbohydrates in the grain are mostly gone, but the other nutrients remain.  

By Blogger Assistant Village Idiot, at Tue Nov 30, 09:39:00 PM:

Shouldn't be any sponsorship problems when it comes to market. The ads write themselves, don't they?  

By Blogger Mr. Bingley, at Wed Dec 01, 11:43:00 AM:

Old billboard: "Don't Drink and Drive"

New Billboard: "Drinking Required to Drive"  

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