Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday dumping of the tabs 

Good morning. If you know what's good for you will avoid the malls and shop from home while cruising your favorite blogs. Or maybe get outdoors and do something fun. How about that?

Dat said, I have some tabs to dump on you, my apparently willing victims.

Fox in the hen house watch: In the federal government, annual compensation increases are recommended by a creature called the Federal Salary Council. Two weeks ago, Barack Obama made the annual appointments and reappointments. You will be no doubt shocked to learn that "by law" the Council consists of "three experts in labor relations and pay policy and six representatives of employee organizations representing large numbers of General Schedule employees." In other words, the government unions recommend their own pay increases under the watchful eye of three professors. If I were a Tea Party Republican, I would propose a change in the law to include private sector human resources executives with an exemplary record of controlling payroll and benefits costs.

Perhaps you were wondering why German voters may continue to be willing to bail out Europe's debtor countries. There is a lot of debt in the world yet to unwind.

If a corporate lawyer made the sort of drafting errors that are apparently totally acceptable in legislative practice, he or she would be fired on the spot. What staffer will be fired because of this? Nobody, because the Congressional staff lives in "soft America" (ref).

Why is Obama failing? Because his opponents are, at the same time, incompetent and evil geniuses.

How far we have fallen. Can you see the bottom?

Was the "medieval warm period" local, or global?

News you can use: Australian Firm To Sell World's First Armpit Testosterone Lotion In US.



By Anonymous Old Fan, at Fri Nov 26, 12:21:00 PM:

Happy Thanksgiving !

A little late, but wishing the best all the same.

Thanks for the links and fine blog.

Hoping all had a great T-Day.  

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