Monday, November 22, 2010

Mid-morning chuckle: TSA bumper stickers! 

Unless you are a staunch defender of the TSA, these "TSA bumper stickers" are definitely worth a minute of your precious time.


By Blogger SR, at Mon Nov 22, 12:23:00 PM:

This TSA fol de rol is just a little over the top.
Everybody into the scanner or you don't fly. How's that?
As long as we refuse the ElAl profile approach, how can we do better?  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Nov 22, 02:23:00 PM:

mmmm, i dunno, dudes. satire is a *great* weapon against tyranny, to be sure. but against really determined tyranny, ("if you're asking, am i i going to change the policies? no." - TSA administrator john pistole, on CNN's 'state of the union'.), then it doesn't matter how funny you are, it's not going to stop the tyrants one little bit. i'm sure sensible germans mocked the SS at first, too. (" 'my honor is loyalty'??? could you clowns BE any cornier? and what's with the goosestepping? do you idiots even realize how stupid you look?")

for real roadblocks to encroaching police-state tyranny, you need anger. followed by escalation of that anger, up to and including an enraged mob destroying and burning a TSA checkpoint in an airport. then tarring & feathering the TSA pervs manning it.

whoops. and there's the trouble: doing so is a federal crime, and would get you - i imagine - 30-to-life, easy. the feds would have video; and they'd *never* rest until they caught the disobedient troublemakers and made a lesson of them. does anyone doubt this? so it's just not gonna happen. just as the families of all the people who've died after being tazed by cops in love with their "non-lethal" new toys haven't started hunting down said cops, so it'll be with TSA clowns. and even if it SHOULD someday happen that someone with nothing left to lose goes rambo on them, you can be sure the state-controlled media will label that person a 'terrorist' and feature lots of stories on the tragic loss of a federal bureaucrat. "violence never solves anything, not counting the founding of this country and ending slavery and defeating naziism and all that."

and after awhile, we all become conditioned to it. "the SS is an elite unit, one we can all be proud of!" "the TSA keeps us safe with minimal intrusions on our freedoms and privacy!!"  

By Blogger Progressively Defensive, at Tue Nov 23, 12:42:00 PM:

SR, righto!

I'll explain it to you. Actuarially, I say relax until the numbers indicate the deaths are any worse than highways at 65 mph+. I can see that being too frightenting to be politically acceptable. Then how about statistical profiling that is quasi-ethnic/faith based and/or randome scanning (1 out of 3-10).

But who cares; our soldiers faces are getting burned off their skulls on the battlefield and we're crying over non-sense. The kids is a disturbing aspect of this, of course, with all the creeps some of whom we may presume work for the TSA, but it's less intrusive than say going to the public school nurse.


By Blogger Progressively Defensive, at Tue Nov 23, 01:44:00 PM:

What is the threat? So a small explosive goes off amongst the passengers ... and? Does the plane crash? No, right, unless it's really a perfect bomb. Or maybe they can wreck the cockpit somehow.  

By Anonymous JT, at Tue Nov 23, 04:41:00 PM:

Shoe bomber failed. Flight attendant kicked his ass. They strapped him down, booted him up with the crash cart needles, probably took turns punching him in the face.

Panty bomber failed.

Guy who rushed cockpit into JFK after 911 came off in a bag, death by fellow passengers.

A hole who acted up down in Florida, shot dead.


Let the passengers take care of the plane. Fooled us on 911, never again.

Secure the cargo hold, give me trained security people. How about an actual combat vet, armed, in the plane with intense training, and a fraction of TSA, who are, by and large, hanging around patting down their own packages while we all wait in line. Denver's first class line yesterday was an absolute clusterf*ck.

Profile bad guys like cops and the government really does, and secure the border while you're at it.

We have the capability.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Nov 23, 07:53:00 PM:

"we have the capability".

yet we don't, won't, **absolutely refuse** to use that capability. and according to the quote up above from the head TSA asswipe, that's not gonna change, no matter how loudly the proles squeal.

i wonder why that is?  

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