Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mid-Saturday hanging in LA dumping of the tabs 

Egads, I have accumulated a small but elite gathering of tabs for your enjoyment, and my public-spiritedness requires that I dump them unto you before my computer crashes or I otherwise have to shut 'er down.

The sad and tragic end of a heroic dog. This story bummed me out so much I thought twice about passing it along, but in the end decided to share the gloom.

Francisco D'Anconia's speech on the meaning of money. I had forgotten how eloquent it is, including particularly as an expression of the meaning and purpose of work.

What if the shoe had been on the other foot?

A student body president and otherwise very impressive fellow turns out to be an illegal alien. There is in the story something to consider regardless of your position on the illegal immigration problem.

Governor Awesome brings down the house! As usual.



By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Nov 20, 11:47:00 PM:

One "impressive fellow" does mean the "Dream Act" is a good thing. The "Dream Act" is a disguised amnesty proposal.

Please refer to Michelle Malkin's post, "Ten Things You Need To Know About S.3827, The DREAM Act, at:


By Blogger Kurt, at Sun Nov 21, 12:14:00 AM:

Oh my, that's a terrible story about Target the dog. I wish I hadn't followed the link. :-(  

By Anonymous OLD FAN, at Sun Nov 21, 01:49:00 AM:

RIP Target

Interesting "tabs".

Here is one you could open, which I think is actually on target:
"After the 2008 campaign revealed her weaknesses on substance, Palin was advised by those who admire her natural gifts to bone up on policy and devote herself to governing Alaska successfully. Instead, she quit her job as governor after two and a half years, published a book (another is due next week), and seemed to chase money and empty celebrity. Now, rather than being able to highlight the accomplishments of Sarah Palin's Alaska, we get "Sarah Palin's Alaska," another cheesy entrant in the reality show genre. She'd so much rather be out dog sledding than in some "dull political office," she tells the audience. File that."

It is a little bold and tough, but the fashion is very thick.

I noted a number of the comments on Breitbart.com's posting of a video with Rove talking about Mrs. Palin's vivid "thin skin".

A vast number of the comments were so vicious over Mr. Rove, calling him a traitor. I have never seen so many who believe they are conservative, who are unable, unwilling, opposed, to handling a discussion. There was no ability to digest Rove's tiny criticism which is truly valid, that the 'reality show' is far from serious. A credible leader, desiring to be a President, doesn't engage in something like this. But the response of the Palin devotees is overt hostility to the one who honestly questions the offering, and is being reasoned about it. Instead of offering a sound defense or advocating for the Palin effort, we only encounter ugly fashionable hostility for Mr. Rove.

The day a Conservative cannot ask serious questions, voice an opinion, etc., is the day were are finished.

This is the kind of nonsense Democrats do, "how dare you question our Celebrity..."

The fan fare flopped again in those Midterms. Miller, O'Donnell, Angel, etc., were terribly weak.

We better do better than this nonsense, or we will only enable this disastrous Democratic Party even further.  

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