Thursday, November 18, 2010

Phone camera dump while I watch the Bears in a bar in Beverly Hills 

Yes, the only post more lame than a tab dump is a phone camera dump, but that's all I got while I sit at a bar in an Italian restaurant in the heart of Beverly Hills. So, the most recent pictures stored on my Blackberry in something approximating chronological order...

Your Blogger, enjoying the sights in Texas last weekend.

Me, Texas

The TH living room, fearfully cluttered because it doubles as the kitchen while the actual kitchen -- behind that plywood panel -- is being, er, reconstructed.

The TH living room

The fairly disturbing sign inside the kitchen door of the restaurant in which I ate lunch on Monday. Noticed, obviously, only after I had eaten that lunch.

The sign in the restaurant in which I just ate

A skin disease? No!. A big old bread bubble in the Indian restaurant in which I ate Monday evening. I did not look at the inside of the kitchen door.

Indian bread monster

Dawn over Las Vegas, yesterday morning.

Dawn over Las Vegas

The giant aquarium in the lobby at Mandalay Bay (the name of which irritates me, by the way, because Mandalay is manifestly land-locked).

Acquarium, Mandalay Bay

At McCarran International Airport, yesterday afternoon, I put a $5 bill in the dollar slots and won $160 on my second pull. I cashed out immediately.


A "blueberry martini" at the Thompson Beverly Hills last night. Yes, the name is offensive to martini-lovers the world over and, yes, it calls my own masculinity very much in to question -- when I hesitated, the waiter announced unbidden "lots of men order the blueberry martini," which pretty much nails the point -- but it actually tasted very good.

"Blueberry Martini"

City of Angels, downtown, around lunch time.

Los Angeles



By Blogger smplcv, at Fri Nov 19, 04:17:00 AM:

Hello tiger! Wonderful Pics..the food in the Indian restaurant is called "PURI". Its taken as break fast. Anyways i have bookmarked the site..please keep sharing

Security Officer CV  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Nov 19, 10:31:00 AM:

Who's the 19th-century guy whose portrait is in the middle of your bookshelves?


By Blogger TigerHawk, at Fri Nov 19, 01:36:00 PM:

@Scurvy -- Napoleon. Not because I admire Napoleon or that is a particularly compelling piece of art. It is a poster of an old painting, a copy of which hung in my dad's office growing up. Eventually it will be replaced in that spot by something nice, but it sits there because it reminds me of dad.  

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