Monday, November 15, 2010

European history in a nutshell 

Another reason why the flash movie is the greatest innovation in pedagogy since the blackboard.


By Anonymous sirius, at Mon Nov 15, 10:17:00 PM:

"World Battleground: 1000 years of war in 5 minutes" is impressive/instructive as well.

The world blows up real good towards the end.  

By Anonymous feeblemind, at Mon Nov 15, 10:48:00 PM:

Would have been nice to have a chronometer running in the corner of the map showing the progression of years. Or did I miss it?  

By Blogger Dawnfire82, at Tue Nov 16, 09:31:00 AM:

No, it was missing. The map seemed to progress more or less according to the rate of change, rather than a steady passage of time.

Or perhaps that was just an illusion? In any event, I'd have preferred a year marker as well. I was forced to guess what time period it was until I saw something unmistakable (Act of Union, Mongol invasion, creation of Germany, etc.).  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Nov 16, 11:16:00 AM:

It goes by calendar date, but it was cut off by whoever did the Flash capture. There's a running commentary of the events, too. You can see the software at http://www.clockwk.com/.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Nov 18, 03:29:00 PM:

Not only would the year date been valuable, but major events (100 Years War; 30 Years War, Spanish Civil War; WWI; WWII been helpful (and I only named a VERY few)

It could be slowed down and some description given. How and why the tiny German states, principalities, duchies, et al, were pressed together by Bismark, etc.  

By Blogger Assistant Village Idiot, at Thu Nov 18, 09:14:00 PM:

Forced my HS freshman to watch this, and forwarded it to his World History teacher.  

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