Thursday, October 21, 2010

Creating wealth 

I really like this latest video from Bill Whittle, this time on the subject of creating wealth. He is exactly right. We create wealth spontaneously out of nothing all the time, in millions of little moments and small innovations. The trick is to make it happen as much as possible, as rapidly as possible. Central planners either do not understand this, or they deliberately subvert it. Either way, most -- not all, but most -- government intervention by means other than the impartial enforcement of established rules dampens or inhibits this fundamentally organic, biological process. The impact of that dampening over the generations is the difference -- all the difference -- between rich societies and poor.


By Blogger Noocyte, at Fri Oct 22, 03:29:00 AM:

REALLY loving this series! It's been partly responsible for the resurrection of my too-long-dormant blogging.

Via facebook and other means, I've been trying to get as many eyeballs on these vids as possible, as they really do cut through the felgercarb being thrown about with respect to the Tea Parties and their core messages.

Thanks for posting, TH!  

By Blogger dr kill, at Fri Oct 22, 07:46:00 AM:

This size-of-the-pie business really is the fundamental philosophic divide in current American thought. Sometimes this Whittle dude nails it.  

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