Saturday, October 09, 2010

Big spider 

We took a hike along the Barton Creek greenway in Austin this morning, and I spotted this tarantula scurrying along the path. Three to four inches across, I'd say:



By Blogger pam, at Sun Oct 10, 08:26:00 AM:

Oh, I love this!  

By Blogger DEC, at Sun Oct 10, 04:16:00 PM:

Wait until you see a large group of them during a tarantula migration.

I was sitting on a rock in central California when I saw hundred of them marching past me.

According to Okrin, "tarantulas are present worldwide, although they are chiefly found in tropical and desert regions."

The pest control company adds:

"Tarantula migration is a seasonal occurrence in arid and desert locations. Although primarily an autumnal activity, migrations occur in summer in some locations, such as Texas. Tarantula migrations may be brief, spanning only one day. Other migrations can last for weeks.

"Tarantula migration occurs most commonly when males go out in search of potential mates. Male tarantulas are known to travel great distances in order to establish breeding sites. Female tarantulas are less likely to be seen in open spaces, as they tend to reside within terrestrial or arboreal burrows. Following copulation, wandering males quickly depart to avoid becoming the prey of the newly fertilized female."  

By Blogger DEC, at Sun Oct 10, 04:19:00 PM:

P.S. Make that "Orkin," not "Okrin."  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Oct 10, 10:32:00 PM:

Lots of time in Austin lately. What up?  

By Anonymous Spidey, at Tue Oct 12, 08:53:00 PM:

Huh. Kinda looks like the pet I had for a while when was living in Austin back in the mid seventies. Helped keep my cheap apartment relatively roach-free, lol.


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