Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday morning ultra fast tab dump 

I'm back from the Dacks and have been plinking away diligently since 7 am, so you are the lucky beneficiaries of my much-needed break. Yes, I accumulated a sweaty old pile of tabs over the last couple of days. Have at 'em.

In the use of new and social media, Dan Riehl says the left is kicking the right's rear up and down and six ways from Sunday. I think he's right. Somebody needs to whack the GOP's media team upside the head.

Lean away from the keyboard when you read this post, or you might wreck your computer. That goes double for you ladies.

Ezra Klein, who is in the middle of an intramural fight at the WaPo over the house bloggers, is very thoughtful on the question of partisanship and policy. Nice post.

For those of you who think the European Union is of continuing value (now that it is eliminated the prospects of a fourth ruinous war between Germany and France, its original purpose), read this. Bwahahaha! (CWCID)

"Five ridiculous gun myths everybody believes."

Now the social engineers are trying to ban best friends. No, really. School officials and "child-rearing experts" are now trying to break up pairs of "best" friends, arguing that kids should have a large number of, er, more superficial friends. Making close friends is the most natural thing in the world, and trying to engineer that out of childhood is transportingly asinine. In the matter of raising children, we really need to ignore the experts and get back to our inner primate.

Robert Byrd was not a great man just because he set longevity records in the United States Senate. On the contrary, his legacy of pork over a long career subverted the purpose and credibility of government.



By Blogger Don Cox, at Wed Jun 30, 11:26:00 AM:

Banning best friends isn't new. Eugenie Schumann (a daughter of the composer) describes in her memoirs a horrific boarding school she was sent to in 1863.

Not only were the girls banned from having friends, they were deliberately paired off with partners they disliked (for walks etc), and encouraged to report any subversive remarks to the headmistress.

I think it is a standard totalitarian approach. It is a natural tactic for authoritarians who have no friends themselves.  

By Blogger Don Cox, at Wed Jun 30, 12:53:00 PM:

The Eggs panic is a typical purely fictional scare story put about by the anti-EU tabloids.

See here.

As for breaking up the EU, how about breaking up the USA into separate states first?

Not a good idea? Then why is breaking up the EU a good idea?  

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