Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sydney from the zoo 

A friend of mine, on vacation in Australia, snapped this picture of Sydney from the Taronga Zoo. On his Blackberry. A few hours ago. Dang, these phones are getting good.

Sydney from the zoo


By Anonymous Boludo Tejano, at Sun Jun 27, 09:24:00 AM:

Dang, these phones are getting good.
Indeed they are. I am amazed at the quality of photos snapped from phones. Back in the day, those photos of that quality would have been possible only with a multitude of equipment. Light meters..  

By Anonymous sirius_sir, at Sun Jun 27, 11:08:00 AM:

That looks like a scene from a dream.

And, I agree with the technical quality of the equipment as well. Amazing.  

By Blogger bernie, at Sun Jun 27, 05:11:00 PM:

I imagine it won't be long before camera companies, in order to stay in business, will need to add phone capabilities to their cameras.  

By Blogger Don Cox, at Mon Jun 28, 04:13:00 AM:

"Light meters..  "
A digital camera is really a light meter, or an array of light meters.

As for including phones in the cameras, some already have GPS built in.  

By Anonymous Janelle pannuzzo, at Tue Jun 29, 09:57:00 AM:

It's not the phone looking good, it's Australia that looks this good. When are you coming for a visit??  

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