Friday, November 06, 2009

Paging Kanye West 

It looks like Kanye West needs to man up, get on an airplane and go to Egypt to represent for his homegirl, Beyonce, kind of like what he did at the MTV music awards earlier this year. The talented singer and actress is facing a great deal of criticism from certain faith-based political quarters in Cairo, who have objections to her upcoming performances in North Africa. The critics are affiliated with parties who have a history of acting on their concerns, so Kanye might want to pack more than the microphone he used to interrupt Taylor Swift.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Nov 06, 01:00:00 PM:

I'm surprised to hear that a ticket price includes more, apparently, than just her show. What's all this talk about an "insolent sex party"?  

By Anonymous musicfreak13, at Fri Nov 06, 02:37:00 PM:

'his homegirl'

my dad just said the word 'homegirl'

excuse me while i run screaming into the night.  

By Anonymous musicfreak13, at Sat Nov 07, 01:02:00 PM:

see, that was funny until I realized that it wasn't my dad that made that post..


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