Sunday, September 13, 2009

9/12 from 9/13 

An actually nuanced take on the 9/12 protests in Washington, and the reaction thereto. All sorts of shoes are on all sorts of other feet.

Read this, too.

I’ve said this before, but those in the GOP who think that the Tea Party movement is for their benefit need to think again. Roger Stone spoke, and while nobody had anything against him in particular, several people told me that they thought the GOP was trying to co-opt the Tea Party Movement, and they weren’t happy about that. My advice to the GOP — and, for that matter, to those Democrats who care — is to try to find a way to address the Tea Party crowd’s interests, bearing in mind that if you don’t they’re just as happy to throw Republicans out of office as Democrats.

Probably not "just as happy," but point taken.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Sep 13, 01:42:00 PM:

Re: "point taken." The current GOP can't assume they'll come back to power over anti-Obama anger alone. They may take back the House in 2010 on anti-Obama anger but the map works against their winning the Senate. By 2010, Obama will have pushed through whatever legislation he can. Much of this legislation doesn't come online until later -- by design. Obama pays for everything with postdated checks. We may have a Sugar Rush recovery in 2010.

Re 2012: Beating a first-term incumbent President isn't easy. Recall that Reagan vs Carter was a dead heat until the last month of the 1980 election.

There's this canard that Americans are a center-right nation. We're not. We may poll that way on attitude, but we have a long history of collectively voting to get government benefits so long as we think someone else is paying for it.

Continued high unemployment may be a focal point of dissent. Larry Summers has recently said that Obama & Co are surprised that unemployment is at 10%, not the 8% that their models and Okun's law would predict. Sometimes I can't believe how stupid these smart people are. His boss has created uncertainty and an anti-business environment, so that no one wants to hire right now. If Larry or Barry had ever worked at a real business in their lives, they'd know this.

We may also tire of all-Obama all-the-time. We may vote him out of office just to shut him up.

Link, over

ps. Meanwhile in Chicago, Chris Kelly committed suicide by aspirin. You can't make this stuff up. Kelly was an aide to Gov Blago ... was already convicted ... and was being pressured to testify against Gov Blago. Kelly also had direct ties to Tony Rezko. Developing, or not .....  

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