Saturday, September 12, 2009

Artistic anti-Semitism in Canada 

The usual suspects -- Noam Chomsky, Harry Belafonte, and Jane Fonda among them -- are protesting the Toronto International Film Festival because it is showing movies from Israel, or produced by Israelis. They lodged no such objection to the presence of Chinese or Iranian films at the festival, however, which strongly suggests that neither "occupation" -- what, no "Free Tibet" bumper sticker? -- nor oppression is the true basis of their complaint.


By Blogger Assistant Village Idiot, at Sat Sep 12, 02:25:00 PM:

Noam Chomsky knows a lot about linguistics. Harry Belafonte knows a lot about performance singing. Jane Fonda knows a lot about film acting.

We hold their views on politics to be more likely to be knowledgeable than the rest of us for what reason, exactly?  

By Blogger druu222, at Sat Sep 12, 06:28:00 PM:

These people are so utterly loathesome. The very idea that they would call themselves "artists", but be totally incapable of just saying, "Hey, I'm not a big fan of Israel, but art is art, and I'll stand by it on principle" essentially renders any of their driveling mindless opinions utterly irrelevant.

I can respect opposing opnions, expecially when intellegently argued or creatively presented. The total inability of the other side to even have so much as a glimmer of same for opinions not their own removes any obligation on my part to treat them with anything but loathing and contempt.  

By Anonymous space commando, at Sat Sep 12, 11:16:00 PM:

Over in Venice on the other hand, none of them are protesting the Oliver Stone and Hugo Chavez lovefest.

Bring back the Blacklist.  

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