Monday, July 06, 2009

The Retort 

Regular TigerHawk commenter and troll Christopher Chambers is part of a consortium of African-American bloggers who have started a new blog called "The Retort." The blog is intended to respond to CNN's Black In America series, the second part of which has recently aired.

It's possible that even TigerHawk "wingnuts" might find some common ground with Gina McCauley's inaugural post.


By Anonymous Boludo Tejano, at Mon Jul 06, 11:55:00 PM:

One wingnut comment follows. The posting talked about how CNN discussed "challenges" facing blacks, in the show on adoption.

There are definitely STRENGTHS among blacks, such as black churches.

So yes, they would have a point. It is one thing to acknowledge shortcomings, and it is entirely another thing to focus only on them.

Having read CC's blog from time to time, he appears to me to be one to be willing to discuss shortcomings, not to sweep them under the rug. So in my eyes there is credibility for the point of view expressed in the article, insofar that CC is associated with it, though he did not author it.  

By Blogger JPMcT, at Tue Jul 07, 12:16:00 AM:

This is hilarious.

The overwhelming majority of blacks in America vote for a party that does little more than USE them to propagate the concept of Black Victimhood.

Although this concept is an anachronism...and most blacks would challenge the concept...it persists in the race-baiting diatribes of Democrat Black "Leaders".

And now...we have surprise and indignation that a left wing news outlet espouses this concept??!!

I'm sorry, this dog won't hunt.

I personally have a much higher opinion of black Americans than the Democrat establishment. I say that co=autiously, since many Democrat Black race-baiters would be in high dudgeon that a white man would even DARE to have an "opinion" about blacks.

You don't have to delve too deeply into Mr. Chambers posts to realize that he carries his own race as an enormous chip on his shoulder...much to the disgust of reasonable members of this blogsite.

So my opinion is DUUHH!!...we are supposed to be SURPRISED that CNN views blacks this way!!?? Wake up and smell the coffee, people...Democrats are USING you...and are more than happy to keep the hate alive as long as it gets them your vote.

It's remarkable how blind one becomes when you pull the hood of victimhood over your head.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Jul 07, 12:21:00 AM:

From Link,

We have too many people who make their careers on heightening our differences -- they make their careers in MSM journalism, as politicians, or in Agitprop (think Sharpton). They do so using markers that are so 20th Century. So I'm going to rail on our differences, in the hopes of provocatively building consensus.

Black vs. White ... vs. Bastard

Today it matters more whether or not you were born in- or out-of wedlock, than whether you were born black or white. If I could only ask one blind question to predict where someone turns out in life in America, that would be it. No other single question is more predictive. I defy anyone to come up with a better. If you're parents were married when you were born, the odds are high that you have a regular job. If you were born to a single mother, not so good.

This question is not insignificant. White illegitimacy rates are today at the same rate that shocked Senator Moynihan about Negroes in the 1960s -- high 20s. Moynihan was castigated back in the 1960s for accurately predicting the troubles that high levels of illegitimacy would cause in Black communities. Black rates today approach 70%.

If you're black and you weren't born a bastard, the odds are that you're now middle class, at least. My point is that it's the same odds if you're white. As always, individual cases can always differ: YMMV ... witness our current President ... witness little Tripp Palin (Johnston?)

If you go to a school where most of the kids are bastards, no amount of Obama money will fix the problem: you're teachers don't teach, because they can't.

Blue Collar vs Ivy

If Sarah Palin had managed to find her way East to play point guard for Wellesley or Princeton, then Maureen Dowd wouldn't have had her angle. Don't tell me in retrospect Sarah wasn't qualified to go. Palin was attacked over class issues much more than over gender. The Democrats profess to be for the working class, but it's strictly Animal Farm two-tier. Name a Democrat who wasn't born elite or quickly bought into the program. My man Kucinich don't count.

Man v Women

When I was in college I had issue with "rich spoiled girls" complaining how they were oppressed. My farm girl mother might have been the smartest 16 year old in all of Ireland in 1946 when her formal education ended ... but girls didn't go to college, especially not farm girls. She emigrated to America on her own when she was 17. I'm lucky to have gotten half her brains. My dad didn't have two years of formal education, but he wasn't dumb.. We should all count our blessings.

My point here is that feminism is no more than a card played by elites for political advantage. It's always an "option", never a "duty" ... and the wrong kinds of women ... like Sarah ... don't count.

Gay vs Straight

I'm fading. I'll leave this for another day.

As always, I invite Chris Chambers to play

Link, over  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Jul 07, 05:34:00 AM:

Blacks have taken a ride on the backs of whites, and the guilt of liberals, for decades. Black women can't marry when black men are too often irresponsible losers who can't commit to the role, and to their credit, they choose to not marry, and apparently the educated black women are seeking an alternative. This is a hope, and a credit, to the black female leadership. I'm not saying that the abyss of the disaffected is a purely white issue, but too often the criminals and gang members are minorities. I had hoped that Obama might create a national dialogue among blacks that it was time for leadership from within, and to abandon their victimhood. Perhaps this new "retort" begins that movement, but I doubt it.

I agree with JPMcT that this is all very amusing.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jul 08, 12:11:00 PM:

No takers, I guess.

Link, over  

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