Sunday, July 05, 2009

Barack Obama's inner Marie Antoinette is showing 

Asked by a Russian reporter what he does not like about himself, Barack Obama offers up his "golf swing." Everybody say at the same time, "can you imagine if George Bush had said that?" Yes, we can. It will be interesting to see whether Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert pick up on this little unguarded "let them eat cake" moment. What about all those unemployed Americans who have had to give up golf because they cannot afford the greens fees, Mr. President?

The question, of course, is whether Barack Obama really dislikes his golf swing more than any other trait, or whether he was deploying the traditional politician's white lie to avoid confessing a substantive shortcoming. If the former, then it is safe to say that our president does not understand himself, or even try to, which is always dangerous. If the latter, then, well, so be it, but let us hear from all the journalists out there who were so eager for George W. Bush to admit his failings.


By Anonymous Mr. Ed, at Sun Jul 05, 10:58:00 PM:

"or whether he was deploying the traditional politician's white lie to avoid confessing a substantive shortcoming."

There is not a scintilla of doubt about this. The only doubt, really, is whether there is any sense of shortcoming.


By Anonymous Candide, at Mon Jul 06, 03:24:00 AM:

Hussy's so stupid, he says, "...you probably don't have that much golf weather in Russia..."

Golf comes from Scotland. If there's such thing as a golf weather in Scotland, there is golf weather anywhere (remember US astronauts playing golf on the Moon?).

But his answers to the questions about the role of First Lady were even more embarassing. Russians wanted to know about political powers extended to the First Lady and he kept blubbering about her duties to his children and himself.  

By Blogger JPMcT, at Mon Jul 06, 06:37:00 AM:

I don't think Obama considers Foreign Policy relevant to his goals. Whether there is a gaffe, indecision, or mistakes in regard to Iran, Korea, Afganistan or Russia is unimportant.

The domestic agenda of control of the economy, communication, energy and travel is the key issue.

Most tin-horn third world dictatorships don't have a foreign policy.  

By Anonymous tyree, at Mon Jul 06, 09:59:00 AM:

Just the kind of response you would expect from someone who spent 20 years in a racist church and never heard anything that he objected to in the sermons.

No wonder the press and the Democratic Party spent so much time trying to make experience look old fashioned.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Jul 06, 11:34:00 AM:

"I don't think Obama considers Foreign Policy relevant to his goals."

History shows that Presidents often get wrapped up in foreign policy problems against their wishes and desires. After all, no president is motivated by foreign policy, really, and why would someone run for president except to impact America? I don't want to say presidents attitudes are "who cares" about the rest of the world but, really, when things are going well here at home then a president can get reelected. It's easy to believe that it doesn't matter how many problems the Russians are having, or the Mexicans, or any other country, at election time.

Sad to say though, it's just not that easy for presidents; they have this nagging set of constitutional duties that extend beyond our shores, like defense. So Obama may not like foreign policy, or he may prefer to be busy day in and day out building the workers paradise here at home, but he still has issues that are reaching up and biting us all pretty hard. Those issues will prove to be very relevant to whatever his goals are.  

By Anonymous Candide, at Mon Jul 06, 12:41:00 PM:

It must be a novel and strange experience for Obama to visit a country where his skin color evokes feelings not of reverence and sensitivity, but idle curiosity mixed with contempt.

Russians are, by and large, crudely racist, unabashedly praising themselves as "white people" at every opportunity.

When I tell my Russian friends that such talk is absolutely unacceptable in the US, they say, "We never exploited black people, so we have nothing to apologize for and nothing to be sensitive about!"  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Jul 06, 12:44:00 PM:

By this time next year I think Obama may have terrible poll numbers, and the Democrat party will be worried about being perceived as too liberal.

Obama's foreign groveling is yielding nothing good so far. His economic stimulus is regarded by everyone (it seems) as a grab bag of gifts to Democrat party donors. The Cap and Trade bill is a massive tax that will hopefully die an ignominious death in the Senate. Worst of all, the Health Care bill is floundering, to the point where even the Paul Krugman/DailyKos axis of evil is trying to compare it's costs to the Bush Tax Cuts as a way of improving it's reputation. Love that irony.

Obamanomics generally is failing and, shortly, we will all be Californians (ie, bankrupt). Don't think the Democrat party pooh-bahs aren't scared guana-less, because they are. Pretty soon, we should see some admiring background pieces appearing on the fantastic job Hillary has done holding back the Obama chaos in foreign policy. When that happens we will know it's "anchor to windward" time for the Democrats, and that even they believe the GOP is on the rise.

All that's needed is an candidate.  

By Blogger John, at Mon Jul 06, 02:35:00 PM:

"What is your greatest weakness?" is a stupid job interview question that should never be asked, and never answered honestly. Obama's response was as good as any.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Jul 06, 02:48:00 PM:

My sister was asked this question when she interviewed at one of the Big Eight accounting firms. The question was asked by the firm's first woman partner -- an overweight Italian. The interview wasn't going well -- Kate said that no one else had broken her balls as much.

So when asked "What's your greatest weakness?" Kate looked her in the eye and said "Italian food."

Link, over

No My sister said that no one had given her ha sensed this woman  

By Anonymous Candide, at Mon Jul 06, 04:43:00 PM:

"...stupid job interview question that should never be asked, and never answered honestly."

Isn't it amazing how the list of things you should never ask of Obama just keeps on growing and growing?

"Obama's response was as good as any."

No, it wasn't. For example, if Obama had just a basic knowledge of Russian geography and culture, he could joke about his own ice hockey skills. That would bring the house down, I promise you.  

By Blogger Tigerhawk Teenager, at Mon Jul 06, 09:52:00 PM:



Also, I might be Captain Obvious for this, and subsequently, I might be subjected to lampooning:

"Now, watch this putt." -GWB

"{my greatest weakness is} my golf swing." -BHO

Again, I might be pointing out the obvious, here. Just makin' sure.  

By Blogger Dawnfire82, at Tue Jul 07, 02:17:00 AM:

"John: Seconded."

Been to many job interviews?

In my experience, that questions isn't asked for the details of the response, but for the substance of the responder. Either they take it seriously or they don't. Either they have a humble or realistic view of their own failings, or they don't. It's a potential insight into the character of a person, not a trap.

I happen to know that the screening process for one of the most secret (and coolest, IMHO) military units of the US military asks similar questions for that very reason. You don't want someone with a god complex or inability to recognize their own failures doing the things that they do.  

By Anonymous Candide, at Tue Jul 07, 10:39:00 AM:


Job interviews and Presidential press-conferences stink of the 'old regime' and must be abolished!  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Jul 07, 11:29:00 AM:

Other than Tiger, do black people play golf ???

Where's Chrissy Chambers, we need a call here.  

By Blogger Viking Kaj, at Tue Jul 07, 12:47:00 PM:

Speaking of countries with bad golf weather, none is worse than Sweden. Yet you can see Swedes out there swinging clubs in October and November wearing green wellies rather than golf shoes in the fog and the rain. It is nothing less than insane.

But I guess that's how they get people like Jesper Parnevik and Annika Sorenstam...  

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