Wednesday, June 17, 2009

There be eagles! 

Once again, eagles have nested on our property in the Adirondacks. The fellow from the "endangered species unit" of the "wildlife diversity group" of the New York State environmental agency who banded the young birds took these photographs.

Eagles, baby

This one is suffering mightily from an obnoxious sister and the plague of black flies that hammers the Adirondacks in May and June until the dragonflies come out.

Eagle, baby

Here's one of the parents, credit me last summer...

Eagle eyes


By Blogger Christopher Chambers, at Wed Jun 17, 10:58:00 PM:

Peering ever vigilant at the hypocrisy of socalled Christian family defenders like Sen. Ensign. John Edwards is a cheating tool, but he never professed to be a defender of the faith, aka Promise Keeper. Jeez.

Theodore Roosevelt wanted the North American Grizzly to be our symbol (calling the eagle a vulture); Franklin the turkey. Donte Stallworth, the Monopoly Get Out of Jail Free card...  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Thu Jun 18, 07:15:00 AM:

Must every post be an opportunity for partisanship? That said, your last line is a good one. TR was closer to right than Franklin, but the eagle was the right move in the end.  

By Anonymous Hugh, at Thu Jun 18, 05:18:00 PM:

That's ok THawk, the very same raptor is peering down at the tired , cliche spouting old fool-Jeremiah Wright. You know , the lazy ,stuck-in the 1950s blackface Elmer Gantry from that sewer of a city-Chicago...yup, the ol'Raptor is watching the sewer rats Barry took to DC with his posse...the ones who will wind up doing real time after their short-lived nat'l stage hustle...Raptor saw Tawana Brawley too.LOL!Who's the fool Mr.Cheap-Shot scribbler?  

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