Monday, June 08, 2009

Playing in pain 

Judge Sotomayor showed her physical toughness today when she fractured her ankle at LaGuardia airport and still went on to board the flight to D.C. and meet with senators. Whatever one thinks of her judicial temperament or suitability for the SCOTUS, you have to say: way man woman up.

Princeton women are tough. I have first-hand experience with that characteristic. A generation ago, they had a semi-deserved reputation for being somewhat Amazonian in the athletic sense.

This reminds me of the Eagles game some years ago when Donovan McNabb hurt his ankle and kept playing, threw a number of TD passes, and found out after the game that his ankle was fractured.


By Blogger emccabe, at Mon Jun 08, 09:21:00 PM:

Candidates for the Court simply do what they have to do. Have we forgotten that Stephen Breyer fell off his bicycle as his nomination was pending? He made the rounds of the Senate limping and bandaged up, but smiling gamely.

History simply has a way of repeating itself, particularly when the gambit succeeds.  

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