Monday, June 15, 2009

Notes from the Blogger "known issues" page 

So Blogger, which is owned by Google, has this extremely curious note on its "known issues" page:

We understand there are reports of users in China currently blocked from accessing Blogger and Blogspot URLs. We are looking into the matter and are working to ensure that the service is restored as soon as possible.

Seriously? The Blogger Help team must have a helluva Rolodex.


By Blogger Mad Fiddler, at Tue Jun 16, 06:33:00 PM:

If memory serves, Google in the last couple of years has made several much-publicized concessions to the government of People's Republic of China, by which Google agreed essentially to provide the service of blocking, monitoring, and restricting access to sites to which the PRC objected.

This has been described as "out-sourced" censorship.

Isn't their statement here just a little...er... um... disingenuous?  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Jun 16, 07:25:00 PM:

There seems also currently to be an "issue" regarding access to certain blog sites in Iran.  

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