Saturday, May 20, 2006

Walking the West Bank 

For those few of you who do not know, Michael J. Totten is a blogger with no visible means of employment who makes his way through the toughest parts of the Middle East and central Asia. His report from the West Bank is the most interesting thing you are likely to read all weekend.

CWCID: Glenn Reynolds.


By Anonymous Michael J. Totten, at Sat May 20, 02:15:00 PM:

Thanks for the link!

My means of employment is the Pay Pal tip jar, by the way. It pays the expenses.  

By Blogger Papa Ray, at Sat May 20, 08:27:00 PM:

Yes, great article, even if some gave (or tried to give) Michael a hard time in the comments.

Michael is starting to get the attention he deserves.
Much like another writer that never made it out of Basrah. Basrah and the surrounding area is now Iran's newest annex, just like Steven Vincent had warned of.

God Bless and Keep him.

Papa Ray
West Texas

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