Saturday, April 22, 2006

Answer the call, John! 

A few scattered chants of "run" and "2008" were heard both before and after the speech. Kerry, the 2004 Democratic nominee for president, has not announced whether he would run in 2008.

Please, Lord, may the Senator from Massachussetts heed the "few scattered chants". Politics should be fun, and nothing would be more fun than Kerry in Oughty-Eight!


By Blogger Eagle1, at Sat Apr 22, 09:27:00 PM:

Time to dust off the checkbook and make another contribution to the Swiftvets.  

By Anonymous davod, at Sun Apr 23, 04:56:00 AM:

The speech was in celebration of the 35th anniversary of his "baby killers" speech congress!  

By Blogger Cassandra, at Mon Apr 24, 09:18:00 AM:

I really wish you reich-wing extremists would lay off the good Senator.

Why... just the other day he received applause that was "more than perfunctory"...clearly the Comeback Kid is riding high.  

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