Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Quick Hits 

Why bother fisking Richard Cohen when others do it so much better?

Rep. Norm Dicks, Man of the People, too!

It takes a big man to admit he made a mistake. It takes an even bigger man to admit he was fooled by a retarded chimp. Washington State Representative Norm Dicks is such a man. Like Sen. John Kerry and Rep. Jack Murka before him, Dicks has joined a growing list of Democrats who despite being intellectually superior to Republicans, have suddenly realized they were misled by a man who can’t even eat a pretzel without seriously injuring himself...

Now, as Bush’s poll numbers are plummeting and Americans are increasingly turning against the occupation, Dicks thrusts himself into the media spotlight with his call for a premature withdrawal from Iraq - save for a small handful of “advisors” who will remain behind to insure a Mogadishu-style outcome politically beneficial to all parties involved. In a darker, less enlightened era, Dicks’ sudden reversal would have been called “flip-flopping” or “limp-wristed waffling”. But today, we know it as something else: Courage.

Via No Government Cheese, Jacques Derrida would be proud. According to the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, the Establishment Clause prohibits resident assistants (RAs) from leading Bible studies in their own dormitories. Seems if other students see them reading the Bible, they might conclude they're not "approachable".

Interesting NPR audio: Rep. Mike Sodrel (R-IN) and Rep. Jim Marshall (D-GA) discuss what their constituents are saying about the situation in Iraq during the congressional recess.

The fascinating thing about this is how balanced and objective both young Representatives were - there was none of the overheated partisan rhetoric we've been hearing of late. And both have been to Iraq - the Democratic Representative has been six times. It's quite noteworthy that he is much more positive about our chances of success than many of his brethren. Give it a listen - well worth the time.

Two women elected to office in Saudi Arabia. Money quote:

With only 100 women among the some 3,880 chamber members who cast ballots, the pair's victory was effectively handed by men.

"We should give them (women) a chance because they have little representation in society," one male voter said Tuesday, adding he had voted for four women.

Truly, a fire has been lit in the hearts of men.

Good nightshirt.

People with good memories are actually just better at screening out things that don't matter - in other words, at strategically forgetting or ignoring irrelevant information:

"Until now, it's been assumed that people with high capacity visual working memory had greater storage but actually, it's about the bouncer – a neural mechanism that controls what information gets into awareness," Vogel said.

Working with two of his graduate students, Andrew McCollough and Maro Machizawa, Vogel recorded brain activity as people performed computer tasks asking them to remember arrays of colored squares or rectangles. In one experiment, researchers told subjects to hold in mind two red rectangles and ignore two blue ones. Without exception, high-capacity individuals excelled at dismissing blue, but low-capacity individuals held all of the rectangles in mind.

Say it loud... he's black and he's proud.

A man's a man for a' that.

And last but by no means least, Darleen Click is hosting this week's Cotillion - check it out to see what some of the conservababes of the blogosphere are saying. A few highlights:

- Bad Blog Awards - dish the dirt. Heh.
- Gender differences and money management
- Our own Jane Novak has once again infuriated the Yemeni government, who call her "a conspirator, Zionist, traitor, unemployed and the owner of a bad website and lying sources".

And she is *not* unemployed, either. May her Stomach Roast in Hell for all eternity.


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