Friday, August 26, 2005

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Michael Yon's blog from Iraq is being mentioned and linked to all over the place, but on the chance that some of our readers don't get out much, I'll just pass along the tip. If you are interested in reading fascinating first person accounts of combat operations in Iraq, you should visit and bookmark Michael Yon.


By Blogger Dymphna, at Fri Aug 26, 03:51:00 PM:


There is a "virginia Bloggers' Conference" at the Charlottesville Double Tree tomorrow, 9am - 4pm. Being sponsored by the Sorensen Institute.

I just found out about it from a promo on WINA. When I called, they were closed...but I whined my way on...the woman sure didn't know much about blogging.

I went to the Sorensen Institute website. This is supposed to be for political blogs in VA and there are several realtors listed. Not everyone has their blog linked.

Here's the thing: Do you want to go? I'd surrender my place to you if you do, since you're higher in the ecosystem and it would make more sense.

Costs 50.00. I told her I was going to contact you and if you wanted the spot I'd surrender it.

BTW, she never heard of the ecosystem. Didn't know what a link was, didn't understand that people use blog names...Hope she's not running it.

Got a laptop with wifi? You could live blog it.  

By Blogger Charlottesvillain, at Fri Aug 26, 05:39:00 PM:

Very kind of you. Thanks for the thought.

My family is back in town after some weeks away, so my Saturday is booked with Thing one and Thing two. Sometime I would love to get to one of those events, and I'm glad to hear they occur from time to time.

Even if I could make it, I wouldn't think of taking your spot. Meeting a blogger from Buckingham would be my primary interest in attending such an event.

Enjoy! I'll be eagerly awaiting a summary on one of your pages.

(As for the ecosystem and this blog's place in it, I must deflect all credit for that to the big guy.)  

By Blogger Dymphna, at Sun Aug 28, 04:58:00 PM:

C villain--

I ended up not going. The woman I talked to on the phone was most unwelcoming. They only had room for 75 people. Pardon me? This is billed as a Virginia bloggers' conference and there's only room for 75???

Also, I looked at the list. It was supposed to be political blogs but there were a bunch of realtors listed and some people didn't even have blogs.

For 50.00 I want a keynoter, not an employee of the Institute, thank you just the same...and the agenda was laaaame.

Sooo...I'm considering doing a *real* VA political bloggers' conference. Maybe in Richmond, which is more central. Or Midlothian? I'm going to contact Rob Bell and see if he can think of a sponsoring institute and then see who we can charm, beg or blackmail into keynoting. It could be fun...

March would be good, especially if PJ media is off the ground and we're not too close to the elections, though that might fuel attendance now that I think of it.

I'll let y'all know.  

By Blogger gesticulatively resources, at Sat Oct 08, 08:04:00 AM:

I totally agree!

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