Monday, August 22, 2005

Roberts is a funny man 

The more I hear about John Roberts, the more I like him.

After the Supreme Court struck down efforts by Congress to veto actions taken by the executive branch, Mr. Levitas, a Democrat from Georgia, proposed that the White House and Congress convene a "conference on power-sharing" to codify the duties of each branch of government.

Asked to comment on the congressman's proposal, Mr. Roberts mocked the idea, and him. "There already has, of course, been a 'Conference on Power Sharing,'" Mr. Roberts wrote in a memo to Mr. Fielding. "It took place in Philadelphia's Constitution Hall in 1787, and someone should tell Levitas about it and the 'report' it issued."

Other examples of the judge's wit are emerging. Frankly, I cannot imagine a more important quality than a good sense of humor (ok, maybe integrity) for a Supreme Court nominee to have in this day and age. I look forward to many interesting and entertaining writings from this likely future Justice.


By Blogger callmemickey, at Mon Aug 22, 02:33:00 PM:

Yeah it is great that this guy isn't just an other good judge, hes got some personality .. something thats seemingly lacking from the court these days  

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