Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Iraqi constitution compromise 

I admit it. I'm on vacation with limited internet access and am not at all up to speed on the back-and-forth over the Iraqi constitution, including particularly the fight over "federalism." If you are in the same situation, read Publius Pundit's excellent summary of the issue.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Aug 27, 12:33:00 PM:

An excellent summary by Publius.

We posted last night on this subject: Will you please stick to the schedule?.

Quick summary: the political confusion in Iraq is understandable, but very distressing to the U.S. administration and its plans for 2006. The U.S. has lost control of its agenda in Iraq. It will now need to scramble to put together a new program that will make any troop reductions in 2006 appear to be the hoped-for victory parade and not a rout.


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