Wednesday, July 20, 2005

TigerHawk is on a jury 

(Via Blackberry)

Hard as it may be to believe, I have been empaneled. I'm not exactly sure
how I made it through voir dire, but I should note that they did not ask
"are you a moderately well-known blogger of 'Large Mammal' status in the
TTLB Ecosphere with well-documented law and order tendancies?"

While the judge told us only not to speak of the case before verdict, I'm
going to construe her instruction broadly and assume that I shouldn't
live-blog the experience. It is, however, a criminal case, and not
apparently too horrendous, so you're probably not going to miss much.

UPDATE: After an exciting afternoon of testimony we were released and I went to the office. An hour later, Jury Management called to report that the case had pled out, which is not surprising considering the baffling testimony and confused cross-examination. Dwayne Pinckney's fate is no longer in TigerHawk's hands, which is a good thing for everybody, I should think.


By Blogger Patton, at Sat Jul 23, 02:34:00 AM:

Under what circumstances does a competent pair of attorneys (defense and prosecution) allow an attorney to be empaneled?

One or the other should have thrown you out, if they'd been paying any attention at all.

Glad to hear you survived it, however, without too much time wasted.  

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